Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thing # 2. Well I had to come back a post about lifelong learning. When I watched the tutorial, I had no idea what a blog really was so I didn't know what blog post meant until the next thing (#3). Boy do I know now! I really like the last 1/2 habit, "Play, Be Curious and Read".
Thing # 23. Well I can't believe I actually completed this. I am glad I did. I sure did get alot out of it. I truly was not aware of how much can be done with the internet. I guess what I liked most that I didn't know existed were the online productivity tools. Those will come in handy at home. I also liked the different organizational tools to use for photos, search engines etc. I will definitely try some of these things I learned again. I feel like I really learned alot. This really was a great program. :)
Thing # 22. Created an account with NetLibrary. I actually downloaded a book from Overdrive. I'll have to listen to it now and see how well I like this. I was amazed at the number and variety of titles.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thing # 21. I went to yahoo podcasts. Viewed a few. Although I did not subscribe to any, I may in the future.
Thing # 20. Well I managed to post a video from youtube. Took longer to find one to post than actually posting it.
Thing #19. I chose to explore picasa. I did have to download but it's free and I found I actually like this better than flickr. It organized all my photos. I played with posting a couple of photos to my blog. It was extremely easy.